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Jen wakes up at 4:51 in the morning to start getting ready to leave for work. I wake up too, but then go back to sleep for another 40-50 minutes. Normally she snoozes for 5 minutes, playing the high stakes game of changing her alarm setpoint instead of hitting the snooze.

This morning…
Me: Hey!
Jen: Hello, honey!
Me: I had a dream you just told me I was breaking the laws of thermodynamics.
Jen, encouragingly: I did?
Me: Uh huh.

And she got up without snoozing. Me? I snoozed three times and didn’t get up till after 6.


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Stale Cereal

I thought “I should get married, so that my cereal will always be fresh, consumed no more than 3 days after breaching the seal.”

But Jen gets home from the store and opens all the cereal boxes immediately. She places them on different sides of the house and skips between them, frolicking for staleness. Then she leaves them open in humid places like the bathroom, and they’re even soggier than before. I didn’t anticipate that my cereal boxes would be subjected to such stress.

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Where Oh Where

In case you’re wondering where I am, I am here. And I’m not coming back!

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Where are the pictures, where are the pictures, where are the pictures? I’m working as fast as I can people!

I’ve posted all 542 that our photographer Brian McEntire sent to us on my smugmug page. You can buy these pictures.

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You want to want to watch this, probably.

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Lemon Bars

We bought a bed today, a soft one, a queen, which is by the way only 6 inches wider than a full, but felt a lot bigger in the mattress store. We’ve been intentionally hemorrhaging money – I saved up a bunch of money solely for the purpose of dumping it all into a bevy of purchases designed to dislodge any vestiges of my previous life. Money buys stuff, and stuff confuses you until you forget what you were looking for, or even who you were.

That’s why you also need lemon bars. This was from my mom, thank you very much Amy, lemon bars better than you’re MOM’s meatloaf. Notoriously fickle, Jen took a game shot at them and managed to nail the flavor exactly right. The crust maybe needed four more minutes and the top layer another minute, and yes, we need a sifter for the powdered sugar, but shoot, I knew where it came from the minute I inhaled the sweet sweet [sugar into my lungs] aroma of lemon bars wafting from the oven.

One of these days I might get around to giving a special Words review of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Prison Letters – until then, you have this from Goodreads.

I’m still deciding how much I like Dave Barry, who is about as far from Bonhoeffer as one can get. I loved the first three chapters of A Series of Unfortunate Events as well – then it was the same for 3 straight books and it got stale. Barry is clever and weird, let’s see how high he flies with that.

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I don’t know what writing on here is going to look like in the future. I don’t know what to write about…or, more accurately, if I’m allowed to write about the things that I want to write about. One must maintain some minimum level of decorum. But before I start doing that, when you neglect to share your bed with people for 28 years, you know what you learn? Sleeping with someone else in a full size bed is not easy. I need some damn sleep.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with meatloaf. Otherwise things are fine. We have a ton of stuff in my house, and we need to figure out where to put it all. We went on a honeymoon to Ocean City, MD and saw almost no one. That was fun, incidentally. If the walls could blog…but I’m not the walls.

Still no meatloaf.

Rewind two months. Jen has her bridal shower, receiving almost no skimpy attire. Instead, she receives recipes. Me, I cook 5 times a week and never use recipes. I do everything on feel, a little bit of this, a little more of that, uhh, maybe make it hotter, colder, 3 or 4 more minutes, too acidic, needs pepper, maybe it’d taste better with soy sauce – as much as it is assumed that I’m anal retentive and formulaic, I really just do something based on how I feel like they should be done. I’m hardly an expert, but if you’ve eaten my food enough times, you’d have to admit it’s pretty decent. Not repeatable, mind you, but most of the time I get it together OK. So, I’m not a big recipe guy. Jen? She IS a big recipe guy. Err, girl. Everyone brings a recipe on an index card, all the index cards are compiled into a scrap book, food ensues.

I, in need of a gimmick, decided I was going to blog about our different recipes. Tonight was meatloaf. I don’t know who made it, but it seems like perhaps one of the Amys. The concept is meatloaf with onions, bisquick, ketchup/brown sugar sauce, ground beef and pork – pretty straightforward in mixture. Instead of baking it as a giant mass, you’re supposed to cook each clump separately, sort of like a tall hamburger. You still do it in pyrex and so on, it’s just not one lump. Jen, who was cooking tonight, supplemented with massed sweet potatoes and corn.

Not sure what to say now. It was good. It was tasty. The sauce was tangy. The meatloaf tasted like meatloaf, but maybe 20% better than most meatloaves. We have leftovers, which is nice. The recipe brazenly exclaimed “better than your mom’s meatloaf.” Better than MY mom’s or Jen’s mom’s? Don’t you talk about my mom. She doesn’t even make meatloaf, but if she did, it’d be better than your mom’s meatloaf. Maybe it’s better than your mom’s meatloaf, but you don’t even know my mom. Maybe it’s better than Jen’s mom’s meatloaf, fine, I’ll give you that. I don’t know if she makes meatloaf either.

Take it back.

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This is going to be quick and fluff free. We made it back last night without much problem, though as of noon on Monday the roads are still snow covered. My first act as husband? Shoving 2 feet of snow to blaze a path for my mostly barefoot wife to the door, then extracting the heat pump from its icy tomb before it crapped out.

In Baltimore, the 22 inches ranks as the #7 snowfall since 1883, and by far the most ever in December. Here in Elkridge, I’d eat my hat if it were less than two feet. It’s astounding, it’s been a decade since I’ve seen snow like this.

And we got married nonetheless. We were short 34 guests but still had a great time. A lot of people seemed to enjoy themselves and many commented that it was one of the most fun weddings they had been to, which is what we were going for. The DJ, mashed potato bar, concentration of kids, and casual atmosphere were all big hits.

For us, trekking into Baltimore on Saturday was a godsend. We had a great time with our friends. Speaking of friends, I lost count of how many people stopped me to tell me how awesome our friends are. We were served constantly – from things as big as Bethany traveling to Hunt Valley at 0-dark-thirty to get the cookies and flowers, to things as small as Uncle Bob breaking several traffic laws at the same time to shuffle family back and forth from the hotel, we were exceptionally blessed by everyone. I get the feeling the thank you cards are going to take a long time…but it will be very satisfying to let everyone know how much we love and appreciate them.

As it stands, we are married. I, for one, am utterly exhausted.

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I’ve got a bride to evacuate and a wedding to get to. Wish me luck.

Made it. Had two spin outs occur directly in front of me (at different times) but we made it. Crazy stuff.

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Uhh So…

We’re down 17 guests and falling as fast as the snow. I’m considering trying to make a sortie to pick up the bride-to-be, MoH and a couple of bridal partyers and bring them to the hotel. The NWS suggests I bring a snow survival kit. Baltimore and DC both have the opportunity to break the December record for snowfall. The weather outside is truly frightful.

BTW, if you’re not doing anything on Sunday, feel free to come to a wedding. I’m serious, drop me a line, I’ll give you the details.

Addendum 1
I’m seeing about 6 inches in Elkridge at 7 AM. The snow has just started picking up and the wind is blowing hard. The roads are not conditioned. Driving through snow when it’s like this is actually easier than driving through it when it’s slushier, icier etc.

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Leftover Booze

We have roughly twice the soda and alcohol that we need. Maybe we’ll raffle it away at the end for some lucky trekkers…

4x diet pepsi
6x pepsi
7x diet coke
11x coke
5x cherry coke
6x 7Up
5x sierra mist
1x root beer
4x sweppes ginger ale
1x canada dry ginger ale
7x tonic

12 blue moon
12 newcastle
24 yuengling
24 heineken
24 amstel light
24 sam adams winter ale
1.75l jameson whiskey
1.75l bombaby sapphire gin
1.75l tanqueray gin
1.75l bacardi rum
750ml smirnoff vodka
4x castle rock pinot noir
4x bogle petit sirah
4x bogle merlot
6x mark west chardonnay
3x sterling sauvignon blanc
3x wolf blass dry reisling
6x casillero del diablo cabernet sauvignon

And I’m moving the over/under on people not attending up to 12 from 8. My instinct is 20, but we know some people with fortitude. It all depends on if a state of emergency is declared along the I-95 corridor.

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I’m hearing a lot of chatter about a storm next weekend – or more possibly Monday/Tuesday. So, there’s that.

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Last weekend, Richmond got married to the lovely and sweet Susan on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. There are pictures. Here for instance. More to follow.

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Thus Quothe The Raven

A few things:
1) Tomorrow Jen and I travel to Washington/Oregon. We’ll be staying with her family for a few days, doing the Seattle tourist thing, Ranier, St Helens, then heading to Oregon for a few things and a drive up the coast etc etc. I hope sleep is involved, I’m beat.
2) Steve’s 5K at USATF Outdoor Nationals is gonna be my highlight. He’s currently declared 20th out of about 36 entries…it’s actually worst case scenario for him. By his estimation, if there were only 32 entries, they would shove it into one heat. If there were more than 40, he’d be in the faster heat. As it stands, he’ll likely be in the slow heat. His best chance is to have a bunch of guys scratch, which is actually a pretty decent possibility. If not, he’s going to be in it to win it on that second heat.
3) Jen and I signed ourselves up to Westminster Hall in Baltimore. Whenever you can have a wedding at Edgar Allen Poe’s grave site, you’ve got to pull the trigger. It’s gonna be neat, people will remember it at least.

I’m not yet retired, one day I’ll post something useful again.

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Calling All Cars

For those of you with familiarity in MD…

While we can’t pin down the parameters exactly yet, we’re in the market for some wedding venues, caterers, photographers, anything that you have any experience with…

So, if you had a good experience (or bad experience) with any location or vendor, please drop me a line either as a comment here or via email. Information is power.

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