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Hanna Family Christmas

Some new Hanna Family pictures. They are just the cutest people in the whole damn world. If I ever learn how to sell stock photos, one day you’ll see them in your picture frame at Target.

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Germany Pictures 1

I have something like 120 of these to edit. The first 30ish are out there.

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Backlog Cleared

I have flushed the backlog of photos from the NW. Now, time for an enormous backlog of photos from Deutschland.

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The Northwest

Here’s the first chunk of pictures from the Northwest. It’s nice there. For instance, here – not only was this nice looking, but it was also about 62 degrees with a 30 mph wind. A chill breeze, all the time. Ahhh…

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The latest set of garden pictures, though now at least a month old, are here.

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Home Security System

The way that I prevent people from figuring out that I’m no longer home is to not post about it on the internet. So, Jen and I spent the last 10ish days traveling to the Tacoma area, then Eugene, then the Oregon coast, then Tacoma area again, then to Des Moines (eventually), then back to Baltimore today. While more pictures are to follow, I felt it important to shove out the Doorenbos (aka, Doorbendos) wedding photos ASAP. Here they be.


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Some pictures out of the garden and from graduation, now available here.

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A few years ago, BP branded itself as the green oil company. Check out the before and after pictures (you’ll have to click on the pictures to see them fade) of the Gulf Coast, via The Big Picture photo blog, which is, incidentally, always awesome.

Makes me think about CSX sponsoring NPR while trying to build an enormous distribution hub a half mile from the Patapsco River.

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New Pictures

I’m trying to clear out some of my picture backlog. Here are some recent ones. Recent, as in, since November.

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New Pictures, including probably the best sunset pictures I’ve had, our pet praying mantis, Atlanta (I was there a few weeks ago for a week), and a collection on disgusting pumpkins. Which includes all pumpkins.

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A few weeks ago, there was a neat storm to our south. I sat around and took pictures.

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High Uintas

I’ve got some more to write about this one of these days. Here are the pictures in the meantime.

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Not Here

So what, I don’t do anything for a week or 6 months or whatever it’s been, and then I come back with a link to volcano pictures? That doesn’t count, and I know it.

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Caught Up

For the first time in maybe six months, I’m all caught up on the pictures. The last batch came from the trip to Washington state, particularly the San Juan Islands.

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Snow More

Spring starts tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally gotten around to editing pictures from the big snowstorm in early February. This was from the first storm, which totaled somewhere over 30 inches. We got something like 16 more a few days later.

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I’m a few months behind on pictures, but here are a few new ones. These include a hike in the late fall, some from wedding that I took before the ceremony, and a few from the honeymoon.

The picture thing on the sidebar is working again, though I can’t make it give me a random picture.

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Where are the pictures, where are the pictures, where are the pictures? I’m working as fast as I can people!

I’ve posted all 542 that our photographer Brian McEntire sent to us on my smugmug page. You can buy these pictures.

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I didn’t get many good pictures from my brother and I’s 4 day canoe trip in Ontario a few weeks ago. Those that I did get are here.

I’m in my church’s camera club. We took pictures in the prayer garden.

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At work we re-organize everything every few weeks. Inspired, I have re-organized my picture site. Also, the last of the NW trip pictures are here.

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NW More

Excepting Jen and I’s little back porch photo shoot and the rose garden, the rest of the NW trip pics are up. I think I need to sell one of them to Hallmark.

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Rocks and Rivers

I’m long past tired of telling the proposal story, alas, one more time.

I was planning on proposing on the Lewisburg trip for a month or so. On Friday I decided that I’d rather do it while Jen and I were still by ourselves on the drive up. Having already considered that scenario, I had purchased a remote trigger for the camera – the plan was the frame it as a standard picture taking stop, something which is actually pretty common.

The Susquehanna is a gorgeous river – wide and flat, full of islands and rocks – and convenient too, as Rt 15, the artery to Bucknell from the south, runs along it for dozens of miles. We stopped at a boat launch (right here, near charming Liverpool, PA). We walked down a little trail lined with poison ivy. I check the exposure a few times, dropped to a knee, then struggled with the remote trigger. I think the conversation went roughly:
Me: So… [to camera] Any time now…come on… [to Jen] Jen LastName will you marry me? [to camera] fire! fire! Go!
Jen: Yes, yes I will.
Me: [about camera] This isn’t working exactly how I had envisioned.

The pictures are a little hilarious.

Jen had no idea it was coming, hence the hoodie and so on. The Hess’s had a flower waiting as the only people who knew when it was going to happen – the rest of the visit was fantastic. You can see the pictures here. I’ll put some captions on the picture site explaining what you’re looking at. More will follow.

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Here are a handful of pictures, in case you want to look at something.

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I’m vaguely environmentalist, I really am. I like it when conservation happens, I recycle consistently (and have been for 15 years), I like the idea of renewable energy and think that coal and oil people are short sighted.

That said, this sort of data is why I don’t much buy into the global warming hype.

Some photos from DC this weekend – it was windy, which led to some intentionally blurry blossoms.

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No really, it is.

Anyway, here are the first batch of Christmas village pictures. Only 33 more to go!

This is a little sad.

Addendum 2
I was amazed at how much I liked this. And here I thought I didn’t like Mars Hill!

Furthermore, the next batch of pictures is up. I like some of them.

Addendum 3
There is more than one Mars Hill! Driscoll actually thinks Bell is a heretic. So I guess I like some Mars Hills. I guess I can reconstitute my previous paradigm.

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Sorry for the bland weekend. I’m sure I’ll write again eventually.

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures to tide you over.

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Stoney Lonesome

I’m still not completely finished with the pictures from Stoney Indian campsite. Pictures improve as I am progressively less tethered to standard reality. Of course, who says my normal life is more real?

Anyway, here’s the next batch of photos. Free to a good home, just make sure you wait until I finish processing them.

Would someone like to fix that
# %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%
thing? If you’re me, you think that the BEG_OF_TITLE thinger isn’t defined somewhere or somesuch. Of course, you don’t know where. And you don’t want to look. And you’re not sure why it was working a few minutes ago in a somewhat different arrangement. OK, in an identical arrangement.

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I’m almost through with the low hanging fruit. Here are the pictures from Many Glacier and Gable Creek.

And how about it, lets do Glenns Lake too.

Addendum 2
Often times I will jot down notes on a little pad in my night stand right before bed. Sometimes I’ll write down fragments of dreams at 3 in the morning. Mostly it is there to represent the potential that I could write something down if I needed to. Having such a framework in place lends me peace of mind. The idea of thinking of something useful without a pen is roughly as depressing as seeing a picture without a camera.

A few nights ago, I wrote down some notes, having temporarily popped out of some pre-sleep netherworld. They were sort of coherent, though not particularly profound. Theological in nature, I tried to imagine a world where there was no hell, only heaven and Elysia or somesuch – good and neutral, but no bad. The idea of grace, I determined, required a parallel concept of condemnation. Like I said, not particularly earth shattering.

But it did include a pivot quote that I continue to amuse myself with. Sometimes I start with a creative title or a single sentence, then figure our how to fashion a post around it (for instance, here where the title existed a month before I hung any clothes on the line). This time I’m not going to bother with a real post.

As relating to the idea of a neutral/good (with no bad) universe, I scribbled:
Being the only kid without a lollipop is its own scarlet letter.

You can’t have good and neutral, because then neutral must necessarily readjust itself to the role of bad. It’s, like, the yin and the yang, man.

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Some people might think it odd that I wrote a 3400 word summary of the trip. Those people shouldn’t click here. Because there are 3400 words there.

More pictures in the New Pictures bin. I need to clarify again – these are pictures from on the trail – that means that I felt compelled to take a picture of something despite the poor lighting. Poor lighting = poor pictures.

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The good part about being busy is that I become utterly obsessive compulsive and can do nothing but productive work for all of my waking hours. And part of my sleeping hours, for that matter.

I haven’t had any time to think about anything worth writing about. Perhaps I’ve had time, I just haven’t had the capacity to remember any of it after I thought it.

I did, in a frenzy of organization, review my pictures from the past 4 or 5 months. I was able to update my Second Cut list on the picture account. These represent my favorite pictures, give or take.

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Big Wins

First off, this is front page cnn news and a big big deal for my company. Forget the contract itself – it’s a prime system integrator on a huge platform.

Also, Stephen roommate and Michael intern John Crews is the 2008 ACC champion in the 5000 meter run. His time wasn’t blazing fast (14:27), but conference championships are about winning and win he did. A brilliant race and punishing 3 lap finishing kick broke the race open. He closed the 5K in 1:30 for 600 meters, it was thoroughly impressive.

Stephen, meanwhile, qualified for the finals in the mile for the second straight year. You can do no more than qualify on day one – day two everyone has a clean slate.

The mile didn’t work out too well, as it went tactical and the guys are more strength runners than speed runners. The 3K was pretty decent, however, as NY native JMart nipped out 2nd place in the last step of the race, and the Furst/Crews contingent picked up points in 5th and 6th. Considering how tired Steve looked at the end of his miles over the past two days, his 3K was very impressive – he same day doubles pretty well.

Addendum 2
The photos are up from the weekend. A couple disclaimers:
1) The room was very dim. I had to use the ISO 800 setting on my camera which makes everything grainy.
2) I’m no good at taking pictures of things that move. I have a hard enough time with things that stay still.

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More pictures are up from this weekend. Look at that kid’s eyelashes!

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I spent an hour or so in Old Ellicott City last Saturday. Most of the time was spent talking to my antique lady. I completely skipped her in 2007 – I feel badly about it. She thought I went to Penn State for a doctorate, as I told her I was 75% out the door last time I saw her.

But alas, I’m still here. And still taking pictures of Ellicott City, as I have been for over three years now.

So your boyfriend goes on a shooting rampage, and everyone wants to talk to you. Then you show up all over the internet. Wearing a sweatshirt that is the exact same color as a prison jumpsuit. Every time I see it, I think that she’s in a jail house interview. I know she isn’t. It’s subconscious. I wonder if people now subconsciously think that she’s a convict for reasons beyond dating a crazy guy.

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I took a couple of pictures yesterday while walking around the neighborhood in house slippers. House slippers not shown.

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Monitor to Printer

Proper color management for digital cameras yields prints that match that you see on your computer screen. In practice, this has been very difficult for me to achieve. My most recent batch of experiments has produced what is as close as I’ve come to success thus far. Since I read other people’s sites to glean information from them, I’m going to post my findings here for the general public. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert. Correct me if I’m wrong.

At the most fundamental level, your camera, computer monitor, and photo printer all interpret the same color (as it exists in the outside world) with slightly different RGB values. RBG, incidentally, contains red, blue, and green color components, all in a 0-255 scale.

Lets say you’re taking a picture of the sky. It’s light blue. Your camera might see the sky and say “that’s 135-206-250!” (in RGB). Now when your computer shows that exact same light blue (to your eye), maybe it’s thinking it’s showing 133-208-249. The problem is, you only get to save one of those sets of colors when you send it to the printer. To achieve the same color, perhaps the printer needs to put out 135-209-252. They’re all speaking the same language, just in different dialects.

Color profiles do the translation between the three. Your camera has a color profile, based on some universal standard, that explains to the computer what exactly it means when it sends over that 135-206-250. The computer reads that and says to itself, “ahh, silly camera – that’s OK, I know he really means to say 133-208-249,” and he displays the color accordingly. When he’s ready to send it to the printer, he puts his particular color profile (called an ICC profile) into the file so that the printer knows what he’s talking about.

Now, it’s one thing for the printer to know what it should do, it’s another thing for it to actually do it accurately. Printers must make test prints to validate this regularly. Your computer monitor is the same way. It knows what it wants that sky to look like, but there are a lot of ways for it to get that wrong. The computer doesn’t even know that the monitor is on, let alone that you have the display settings configured properly. It takes an external, calibrated sensor to calibrate the monitor. I use a popular sensor, the Spyder 2 from Pantone. It retails for around $150.

Now, I think I have my mind around my latest problem. All of these profiles can match, and yet the prints might still not look exactly like the computer. What’s the story with that? Well, printers only have certain colors. They work in a different “color spaces” from each other. The result is prints that are somewhat dimmer and a little less vibrant – not because it’s not trying, only because it’s failing to fill out the details.

It has been my goal to compensate for the printer’s inability to hit my colors by giving it a slightly different set of colors. If I make the picture obnoxiously bright, perhaps the printer, while failing to obtain that, would fall short to the same level that I wanted it to do in the first place.

I made several variations of the same pictures, poking at a couple different parameters, attempting to reproduce the colors on the screen. I won’t bore you with the details. Here’s my new strategy:
1) Edit the picture just as I’d like it.
2) Up the contrast by 20.
3) Up the brightness by 20.
4) Unsharp mask (tentatively).

I’m still not quite there. My whites don’t glow enough. It’s worth noting that a computer monitor in a dark room actually produces light (ie, is a light source), while prints don’t. Obvious yes, but it’s hard for non-glowing things to glow. Not sure how I’m going to do that.

I still have some tinkering to do, but I was definitely getting sick of drab photos. Part of that is my own fault – I intentionally make pictures dark. I’m going to try to take brighter pictures (let more light in), but I still need them to represent how I see the world. It’s a delicate balance.

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Power To The People

I have, in my possession, several dozen acupuncture needles, as well as two butane lighters. Self medication it is, and so far, I have to say, it seems to be positive. I went to my Daniels Rd flat Patapsco trail head this morning and got in an easy 5 miles. With almost no pain.

Given that the power is now in my hands, I think I’ll probably skip the surgical thing. Doing nothing is not an alternative, but using alternative medicine to do something is.

I am planning on taking it slow. As is my custom, I’m breaking my training into phases. The first phase is at my as slow as possible pace (7:15 miles), 20-25 mpw for the next four weeks, with day days off per week. The days off will follow the nights where I treat the achilles’. The next block is similar, with pace recovering to a more acceptable 7:00, and mileage climbing to 30 mpw. Incidentally, I plan on taking a full week off between stages – like I said, I’m taking this really slow.

I will start “running” in March if all goes well, with the next phase fixing my easy pace to a normal cadence, and growing mileage to 45 mpw. Then into May where I’ll hit 55, followed by June to 70 mpw. The idea is to be in shape to handle 30 miles per day in the Alps if Stephen can ever get the time to go on our long awaited vacation, which would happen in the summer if it does.

If all goes well, I can start “training” in July, with an acceptable base to build on. From that point, 8 weeks would be all I’d need to get in shape, just in time for the fall circuit, which I have missed two straight years due to injury.

It looks so plausible on paper. One can always dream.

The first batch of Christmas Village photos are online here. The new PC rips through photo editing, incidentally, which is what I built it for. I’d say my editing time has been cut in half.

Addendum 2:
Stephen tells me I’m going to creep people out with my mostly non-functional google map. I swear, it misses at least two thirds of the exotic hits that I get on a regular basis.

So instead, I’ve followed Bess’s ground breaking lead and added my goodreads widget. Lauren and Bess both have it, but they’re my only friends and I need more. Seriously, it’s pitiful. Someone volunteer, please.

Addendum 3:
Cat pictures are up, including this one which is instantly one of my favorites.  That will be a good test of my monitor when I buy the print.  From where I sit, the top-left is almost completely black.  I may need to make it blacker when the proofs come back.

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Not Village

New pictures are hurling through cyberspace as we speak, poised to join the multitudes already found on my picture site. These pictures include the oft delayed national pictures (which are atrocious/barely existent) and the other pictures from this past month, excluding the Christmas village collection. The Christmas village, 53 strong and that’s only those that I’ve decided to edit, will take me some time, though I intend to start tossing them over tomorrow.

In case you’re interested, I’m planning on using smugmug’s book creation feature to generate a Christmas village portfolio/coffee table book, capturing village past and present. It’ll be too expensive (~$40) for me to give them out gratis (as I do most pictures), but if you’re interested let me know and we’ll see. I don’t expect that to be ready any time before February. It is also my intention to make a non-Christmas village collection, though that will be even longer.

If I never had to work, it would be a lot easier. This is why I love coming back to Maryland with several days to spare, I can do whatever I want for several straight days. We do not, however, have any holidays between January 2nd and Memorial Day. The radar class, another time drain, will also be culminating in the vicinity of that holiday.

Moral of story? None really, it’s been like this for 4 other years now, for all I know it could be like it for 35 more. Here’s to hoping the status quo is interesting in 2008.

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Crop Dusting

The harvest has begun of the next crop of pictures. There are a handful from nationals that I have yet to edit. They’re depressing.

Meanwhile, you might notice the little map in the bottom right. Creepy, perhaps, but given a few weeks, it will have quite the spread. I get a tremendous amount of hits from strange places these days, and it is my hope that this will capture that. You might be wondering, as you look at my map, why you can only see the Western Hemisphere. That, my friends, is because I’m not smart enough to expand the right sidebar to allow for the full width to be shown. You can move the map around to reveal my international fan base.

Incidentally, I have now received 13 hits for December Words. That’s half of one day’s volume. Remembering that the previously prodigious AnneElena first arrived after searching for information on Hurricane Charley while cowering in her closet in Florida, I am always pleased when people find my site for outlandish reasons. I’m really hoping that one day someone will explain why they’re searching for something like “december words”, but it’s not a requirement.

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Pictures from the ACC meet are up here.

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Like Rabbits

The first round of my pictures from last weekend are up here. Two families, 5 boys, the oldest of which is 4 years and 2 weeks old. I didn’t get any pictures of little Jonathan, as he was asleep.

I have only 19 more to do – the trip was not as lucrative for pictures as I had hoped. You may have noticed that it’s been in the mid-80s for the last month on the East Coast. The trees noticed too.

More pictures (the non-people ones) are up here now. Again, it wasn’t a bumper crop.  Good news though Lauren, the first run of pictures will be coming back to me within the week.  I’ll probably have the re-edits done by the 10t.  I’ll probably mail them out Thanksgiving week.  Yes, in the Christmas rush.  Sorry.

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Pictures and ReEdits

I have a new batch of pictures in the New Pictures gallery on the picture site. A few notes:
1) The lightning pictures are from my PA camping trip with the old man. The droplets are going to be too hard to edit away, so I’m not going to try. It’s hard to focus at night (auto-focus doesn’t work, and there’s not enough light to tell if you’re focused manually), and alas, I picked wrong. Despite the narrow aperture (high depth of field), “infinity” is out of focus. Oh well. You probably can’t tell with SmugMug’s resolution, but I can tell on the “negatives”.
2) Several pictures are from the Inner Harbor at few Saturday’s ago at dawn.
3) Speaking of which, a handful of these pictures (the orange looking ones) are created specifically for the new metallic paper that I get when MPIX develops my prints. I don’t intent to print all of them on SmugMug.
4) A little while ago, I went through all 4700 of my pictures. I decided to give a handful a second look, as I had decided not to deal with them the first time through for whatever reasons. The results are also in that album. This includes two pictures from my trip to Philadelphia, which has a higher density of pictures that I like than any other day (and I have a theory why), and one each from Goshen, Ellicott City, Patapsco, and Lewisburg.

Let me know.

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