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Hanna Family Christmas

Some new Hanna Family pictures. They are just the cutest people in the whole damn world. If I ever learn how to sell stock photos, one day you’ll see them in your picture frame at Target.


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Germany Pictures 1

I have something like 120 of these to edit. The first 30ish are out there.

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Backlog Cleared

I have flushed the backlog of photos from the NW. Now, time for an enormous backlog of photos from Deutschland.

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The Northwest

Here’s the first chunk of pictures from the Northwest. It’s nice there. For instance, here – not only was this nice looking, but it was also about 62 degrees with a 30 mph wind. A chill breeze, all the time. Ahhh…

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The latest set of garden pictures, though now at least a month old, are here.

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Home Security System

The way that I prevent people from figuring out that I’m no longer home is to not post about it on the internet. So, Jen and I spent the last 10ish days traveling to the Tacoma area, then Eugene, then the Oregon coast, then Tacoma area again, then to Des Moines (eventually), then back to Baltimore today. While more pictures are to follow, I felt it important to shove out the Doorenbos (aka, Doorbendos) wedding photos ASAP. Here they be.

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Some pictures out of the garden and from graduation, now available here.

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